Sustainability – Canon and sustainable business

Canon aims to do business responsibly. We believe the innovations and technological advances that we embed into our imaging solutions should enrich the lives and businesses of our customers without harming the environment. Our business and our brand are built on sustainable economic growth. We reduce our need for new natural resources, carefully monitor economic progress and risks, and respect the communities that depend on us.

Sustainability is part of how we do business. We offer sustainable imaging solutions to our customers that help them work more efficiently and reduce their impacts. We reduce the environmental impact of our products, minimising the need for new resources and re-using and recycling materials. We take responsibility for our actions, lowering our own operational impacts and engaging with communities and stakeholders to support wider economic growth. And we anticipate and comply with regulations and standards and even look to exceed them where possible.

Corporate responsibility
We take responsibility for our impacts and follow fair operating practices. Our commitment to sustainability is focused in three key areas: Environment, Society and Business.

Find out more about our three key areas:

United Nations Global Compact Picture_UNGC logo
Canon Europe has signed up to the United Nations Global Compact (January 2014), committing to its 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Our participation formalises the approach we already take to embed sustainability into our strategy, culture and business.

Sustainable growth
Our long-term plan is to operate three regional headquarters in Europe, USA and Japan including research and development centres and manufacturing capabilities in each region. Our European regional headquarters is split across four locations at Canon Europe Limited, London, UK; Canon Europa N.V., Amstelveen, Netherlands; and former Océ sites at Venlo, Netherlands and Poing, Germany.

Canon EMEA sustainability programme
In 2015, we decided to focus our sustainability programmes in EMEA on three key themes, which use our core strengths and expertise in imaging to support society’s needs. These themes are:

  • Supporting young people to develop their creativity
  • Developing low carbon leadership
  • Using Canon technology, solutions and skill sets to support society.

Canon EMEA sustainability programme section

Our philosophy
Our business is based on our Japanese corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which translates as ‘living and working together for the common good’. This means we take responsibility for the impact of our activities, respecting our customers, the communities and countries where we operate, and our natural environment. Find out more about Kyosei.

Canon EMEA Sustainability Report 2014

Environment – reducing environmental impacts
We minimise the need for new natural resources, reducing environmental impacts from design to end of product life and throughout our own operations. Our solutions help our customers operate more efficiently while reducing their impacts.

Find out more on how we reduce the environmental impact of our products and operations and promote sustainable consumption in our Environment section.

Society – supporting society through images
We enrich society through imaging opportunities and solutions, engaging with employees, communities and other stakeholders wherever we operate, and respecting ethical principles. We aim to make a positive contribution to society, adding value to our customers and the lives of people influenced by our business. Find details on how we interact with our stakeholders in our Society section.

Business – operating fairly and responsibly
We develop business responsibly, supporting wider economic growth, operating fairly and complying with applicable laws, regulations and standards. We follow robust policies and procedures to protect our customers and employees, while growing our business sustainably and meeting economic targets. Find out more about how we do business in our Business section.

Sustainability Reports
Canon Europe sustainability report (pdf)