Canon PIXMA PRO-10


Produce gallery-quality, saleable prints with this 10-ink A3+ photo printer. It offers outstanding professional prints in colour and monochrome, versatile media support and enhanced connectivity.



  • Gallery-quality A3+ photo printer
  • 10-ink pigment-based system
  • Professional colour and mono prints
  • Uniform, quality gloss and deep blacks
  • Outstanding image permanence
  • Print plug-in for efficient workflow
  • Wide range of media support
  • Enhanced connectivity

Λεπτομερή χαρακτηριστικά

Δείτε με περισσότερη λεπτομέρεια το προϊόν Canon PIXMA PRO-10

Gallery-quality photos

With the 10-ink system PIXMA PRO-10 can produce outstanding, professional prints in a range of sizes from 10x15cm up to A3+ or even 35cm (14") wide. It is the ideal choice for the photographer looking to create exhibition prints or sell gallery-quality photos.

Professional colour

The LUCIA pigment-based inks provide powerful and inspirational results with amazing consistency and exceptional image permanence. The 10-ink system can reproduce a wide colour gamut, adding to the vibrancy and detail of images.

Striking black and white prints

The PIXMA PRO-10 has three dedicated monochrome inks, allowing you to create beautiful black and white photos with smooth tonal gradations. The matte black and photo black inks are always available to print, ensuring you don't waste ink by changing photo paper from glossy to matte.

Uniform glossiness

The Chroma Optimizer clear ink is used on the printed areas of glossy and semi-gloss papers enhancing the density of blacks, expanding colour gamut and delivering photo prints with the ultimate uniform gloss finish.

Quality and speed

PIXMA PRO-10 has a FINE technology print head with 4pl ink droplets, delivering up to 4800dpi print resolution for highly detailed, grain-free photos. You can print bordered A3+ gallery-quality colour or a black and white print in less than four minutes.

Efficient workflow

The new Print Studio Pro plug-in makes the workflow of professional printing easy and efficient. This print plug-in for major photo applications brings all print settings into one simple to navigate menu.

Colour matching

Canon's new PRO Mode (printer driver colour profile) helps to ensure that the printed colours accurately match those shown on the screen. For even higher colour precision you can create unique ICC profiles or even fine tune the printer using the Canon's Colour Manageme


Προδιαγραφές προϊόντος


Micro ink droplets for precise print

Μικροσκοπικά σταγονίδια μελανιού για εκτύπωση υψηλής ακριβείας

High resolution photo printing

Εκτύπωση φωτογραφιών υψηλής ανάλυσης

Superb photolab-quality print head

Κεφαλή εκτύπωσης για κορυφαία ποιότητα φωτογραφικού εργαστηρίου

Only change the ink which runs out

Αλλαγή μόνο του μελανιού που εξαντλείται

High longevity pigment ink

Μελάνι pigment με μεγάλη διάρκεια ζωής


Διαφανές μελάνι Chroma Optimizer

Use and share wirelessly

Ασύρματη προσωπική ή κοινή χρήση

Tablet and smartphone ready

Υποστήριξη tablet και smartphone

Print plug-in for photo applications

Πρόσθετο εκτύπωσης για εφαρμογές επεξεργασίας φωτογραφιών

One-stop creative software

Δημιουργικό, ολοκληρωμένο λογισμικό

Print directly onto disc

Απευθείας εκτύπωση σε δίσκο

Prints up to A3+ and 35cm wide

Εκτυπώσεις έως και A3+ και πλάτος 35cm