How I’m using the Canon EOS 2000D to promote my band


How I’m using the Canon EOS 2000D to promote my band

Josh Gibbs has an intuitive understanding of the connection between a performer’s music and their image. “Growing up, I always loved bands that look great. You’d see pictures of them long before you ever heard anything, and it made you want to listen to their music.”

After forming the band Pin Ups with brothers Louis and Jesse Baker, Josh thought hard about how to present the outfit visually. “We’re a new band, so it’s important to show people what we’re up to and why we’re worth following.”

He knew that being able to post great photos on social media was key to gaining a following, but wasn’t convinced he could achieve what he wanted using his phone. “I couldn’t focus right and it was always too dark or too light – especially when we were in dingy venues or recording studios,” he says.

For Josh, the solution was the Canon EOS 2000D – a DSLR camera that delivers good quality even in low light. Having never used a DSLR before, Josh was amazed by how easy to use the camera was, and by the sheer quality of the photos it took.

"It was really intuitive – as simple as using a phone. I just picked it up and started shooting. All of a sudden, my photos were full of detail, super-sharp and really professional-looking."

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Sharing memories after the recording session

Having worried that using a DSLR would make it more difficult for him to share images, Josh was also impressed by the camera’s connectivity features. “It’s really easy to connect the EOS 2000D to my phone. Then I can just look through the photos and upload the best ones straight to Instagram.” And, as a bonus, he’s found that sharing images when he’s on the go is just as easy as when he’s in the studio. “I just put the camera in my bag and take it out with us – if I see something cool, I want to share it as fast as possible.”

Getting creative in the recording studio, the EOS 2000D captures great shots in low light

The storytelling capabilities of the EOS 2000D suited Josh, too.

"I love being able to take cool videos so the Video Snapshot feature is awesome. You can take lots of short videos of day-to-day stuff, and the camera pieces them together for you into a great little story of everything that’s been happening."

Right now, Pin Ups are making their first album, and Josh enjoys being able to shoot their recording sessions in a way that is accurate and evocative. “It’s a romantic idea to me that I can really capture these memories, to put an image to sound.”

Jesse and Louis tracking the first Pin-ups album. Effortless storytelling, even in tricky light

To help create photos with a look that reflects the band’s sound, Josh has already started delving into the EOS 2000D’s creative possibilities. “I really like the option of creating background blur to make the photos feel dreamlike and hazy,” he says.

And he’s looking to take his creativity further. “I’m definitely planning to use more advanced DSLR features, maybe try out some different lenses,” says Josh. “In the same way that it’s interesting playing around with new sounds, trying out new photo techniques is also really fun.”

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