Canon CanoScan LiDE 700F

CanoScan LiDE 700F

With its ingenious 3-way design and 180° lid, the LiDE 700F brings high resolution scanning to work spaces of all sizes. For exceptional detail and enlargements, scan 35mm film at up to 9600dpi.


  • LiDE scanner with CIS sensor
  • Innovative 3-way design
  • Powered by USB 2.0 cable
  • 9600x9600dpi film scanning
  • 4800x4800dpi reflective scanning
  • 48bit colour
  • Auto Scan Mode
  • Configurable EZ buttons
  • Automatic QARE dust and scratch removal

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LiDE scanner with CIS sensor

A LiDE scanner with CIS sensor provides a winning combination of incredibly high resolution scans and low energy consumption. Powered by a single USB cable, connected to a computer, the LiDE 700F has no need for an additional power cable, making it truly portable and space saving.

Innovative 3-way design

The LiDE 700F's ingenious 3-way design, with flip-out stand, allows it to be used in portrait, landscape or vertical positions - this means that it fits into almost any workspace.

9600x9600dpi film scanning

Incredibly high resolution 9600x9600dpi scans from 35mm film are possible thanks to a dedicated clip-on film scanning unit (supplied). This means massive enlargements and intricately detailed prints can be achieved from your 35mm film negatives/positives.

4800x4800dpi reflective scanning

The flatbed scanner can be used in any position, providing you with accurate, clear and crisp images and document scans up to 4800x4800dpi optical resolution.

48bit input

Achieve life-like colour reproduction with 48bit input, which can replicate billions of separate colours - enhancing your colour scans with amazingly accurate depth and tone.

Auto Scan Mode

With one click, Auto Scan Mode automatically recognises the type and format of your original, then scans and saves using suitable settings. One touch operation saves you time by eliminating the need for lengthy settings configuration.

Configurable EZ buttons

The four configurable EZ buttons enable fast, convenient operation for PDF, Copy, Scan, and Email functions. You can choose the settings and assign them to each button - once these configurations are saved your scanner will work exactly as you need it to.

QARE dust and scratch removal

QARE stands for Quick Automatic Retouching and Enhancement technology and does just that. Reflective documen

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Scanning resolution in dots per inch

Ανάλυση σάρωσης σε κουκκίδες ανά ίντσα

No power connection required

Δεν απαιτείται σύνδεση τροφοδοσίας ρεύματος

A4 colour document scan speed

A4 colour document scan speed

Negative film scanning

Σάρωση αρνητικού φιλμ

One touch operation

Χειρισμός με ένα πλήκτρο

PDF files creation function

Λειτουργία δημιουργίας αρχείων PDF