Artist Hattie Newman looks at the Canon EOS 4000D to configure some settings


How the Canon EOS 4000D helps to bring my ideas to life

Hattie Newman
Hattie Newman

Model maker and set designer

Hattie creates models and sets that combine a sense of fun with a bold, colourful aesthetic. And they’re all crafted from just one material: paper.

It’s a passion that began at art school, when she chose it as her medium because “it was cheap and easy to get hold of.” She hasn’t looked back since; today her creations grace galleries, magazines, books, adverts and websites around the world.

Hattie explains that her inspiration for these projects can come from anywhere: “galleries, gardens, buildings… or something as simple as a colour, pattern or texture.” That’s why photography has become an essential part of her process.

"I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, so if I see something that inspires me I’ll stop and take a picture. That way, I’ve got a record of the image I can come back to later."

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Artist Hattie Newman photographing botanics as inspiration for her work

For Hattie, photos are also a vital way of sharing her ideas and work in progress – with her clients, her studio assistants and her online following. It’s not just her finished work that she enjoys documenting: “I love capturing what goes on behind the scenes, so I’ll always have a camera on me. From there, I’ll put it on my blog or social media, and sometimes print it for my portfolio.”

“It’s really important that I can take accurate pictures of the model I’m making, so the client can see what it’s going to look like” says Hattie. Image quality is just as important when it comes to taking photos of her completed work. “I need high quality photos of my past projects, so if I need to make something similar I can look at the image and remember how I made the model.”

In the studio sharing images of the creative process

In the past, Hattie relied on her phone to capture photos, but became increasingly aware of its limitations.

"Although phone cameras are convenient, I could never get great pictures in low light and the images weren’t sharp enough for what I needed them for."

As soon as Hattie started using the EOS 4000D, she noticed significant improvements. “The most obvious difference was that the images had much more detail in them. The colour was more accurate and the camera worked much better in low light.” Being able to take much higher resolution images of her work had other advantages too. “Now I can print my photos and I know they’ll look good. And because they’re high-quality, I can snap away and edit them later – cropping in on a detail, for example.”

Shooting with background blur

Not previously familiar with DSLRs, Hattie has been impressed by how simple the EOS 4000D is to use. “When I got the camera, I started taking a lot more photos of my models, because it was so easy to make them look beautiful.” She found the camera’s Wi-Fi connectivity just as intuitive: “it’s really easy getting the images from the camera onto my phone, so when I’m out I can share them with my clients or creative team back in the studio.”

A leafy morning at the Barbican Conservatory provides inspiration for the next paper set

Equipped with her EOS 4000D, Hattie now takes high-quality photos that she’s proud to share – not just because they look professional, but because they truly capture her artistic vision. This, she explains, is largely thanks to the new creative possibilities the camera has opened up. “It’s great because I can use different lenses – a macro lens, for example, if I want to get a close-up of a model I’ve been making. And I love the shallow depth of field – the background blur really makes my work stand out.”

Hattie concludes, “the advantage of using the EOS 4000D is that I have a lot more control over the pictures I take. Even if I’m in a rush, I know I can get great images that do justice to my work.”

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