Bear Grylls survives a day with a true rugby pro

Before the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015, renowned adventurer and dedicated rugby fan Bear Grylls spent a day with Dave Rogers, Getty Images’ leading rugby photographer. Dave has been behind the lens at every single Rugby World Cup since 1987. Canon, Bear and Dave invited fans to explore the power of image in sport through a series of videos and images. Dave also gives tips on how to capture some of the tournament’s greatest moments.
As the group stages came to a close we caught up with Bear to talk rugby and imagery.

Bear as a fan

“As an England supporter it is such a shame we didn’t qualify from the group. But from now on I will be 100% supporting Wales as that’s where we spend most of our time on our little island off the Llyn Peninsula. I’ll also be keeping an eye out for South Africa as that is where my late father in law was originally from.

This tournament has already had some great moments but my favourite Rugby World Cup moment ever would have to be England’s victory in 2003 - I remember exactly where I was - staying with my sister in Yorkshire going crazy! That England team were led by my favourite rugby player of all time, Martin Johnson. I admire him for his profound leadership and care for his men.”

Bear as a player

“I must admit I was a mediocre player myself, but I was enthusiastic always! One of my earliest and fondest memories of playing was at school in the freezing cold and damp snow, then sitting on radiators afterwards to get warm.

The most extreme place I’ve ever played rugby would be at Everest Base Camp where we played Touch with a ball made from foam and gaffer tape. I think if I still played I would play inside centre, although I think scrum half is the most demanding position for the concentration factor. I think the reason I like rugby so much is because it’s all about heart and brain - just like survival!”

Bear as a photographer

“My favourite types of images are definitely unguarded moments and those of families in remote communities” says Bear “I only wish I had another chance to photograph my late father, especially with my own children.

A compact camera which delivers fantastic image quality suits my adventures really well, so it was great to have a chance to try out the new PowerShot G3 X with a best in class photographer such as Dave. I’ll definitely be taking this camera on my next adventure, which is to the jungles of Central America filming our next season of The Island for Channel 4 and then onto Africa for Mission Survive season two for ITV.”

“It was such a pleasure working with Canon, it was obvious from the team they have a powerful and clear vision to bring adventure and Canon ever closer.”