Canon VarioPrint 5140

VarioPrint 5140

The VarioPrint 5140 is a high volume, production printer that handles heavy workloads as efficiently as it does smaller print runs. The modular and open design, combined with various options, makes the VarioPrint 5000 the most flexible transaction printer for commercial printing and corporate printing environments.


  • Flexible production printing
  • Multiple datastreams
  • High speed simplex and duplex printing
  • Efficient and flexible paper handling options
  • Investment protection for converging environments

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Suitable for highlight color and MICR Toner

The Quick Change Developer Station (QCDS) offers unequaled flexibility. Print a full range of documents on one high speed, high volume printer:
Standard black toner
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Toner
CustomTone (spot color)
Highlight color
Custom-blended color

A VarioPrint 5140 has a range of advanced finishing options

Because of its modular design VarioPrint 5000 can be extended with various advanced input and output options.
Two additional paper input modules, each with four input bins and a capacity of 5,200 sheets.
An additional Interposer module with four input bins for non-printable materials.
Additional two high capacity stacker each 5,000 sheets for heavy duty and long run productionAdditional side and corner stitcher with high capacity stacker.
Additional Booklet Maker System for A4 and A5 booklets.
With the additional paper handling and finishing options, the VarioPrint 5000 can handle the most demanding of workloads.

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