Canon iR 5000i

iR 5000i

Up to 50 ppm. The iR5000i intelligent digital system enables workgroups to capture, share and distribute documents, enhancing workflow as never before.


  • intelligent functionality – iSend, iReceive, iCopy
  • Scan once print many
  • Secured print & mailbox
  • Reserve jobs
  • Job Done Notification
  • Remote User Interface

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Enhance your total office workflow effortlessly

The iR5000i can be accurately described as a central communications hub for managing, printing, and sharing information in the networked office. The 50 page-per-minute iR5000i prints, copies, and scans. Using the existing infrastructure of corporate networks and the Internet as its medium, the iR5000i empowers users to distribute hard-copy and electronic information to multiple destinations, in multiple formats, in one operation, from one single platform. No other device comes close to matching the breadth of features that come standard with the iR5000i.

Intelligent functionality

– send documents to multiple destinations (email, file, mailbox), eliminating the expense of printing, collating and forwarding paper copies


– redirect incoming information so it can be captured


– share the workload on higher volume runs and allow networked users to take advantage of system accessories not available on local devices

Secured Print

Provides password protection for printing sensitive or confidential information to the device.


Reserve Jobs

Allows users to store 5 copy jobs in the memory for later printing or reprinting.

Job Done Notification

The iR500i notifies users via email when their Copy and Send job is complete, eliminating any guesswork about the status of submitted work.


Remote User Interface

This utility transforms a users desktop into a remote access center for the iR5000i. Accessible via a secure IP address through the web browser, users gain access to device status and settings, meter readings, user mail boxes and more depending on user access privileges as assigned by the administrator.

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