Canon LS-80TEG


This 8-digit mini desktop calculator is partially made using recycled Canon material to aid environmental sustainability. It features a large LCD display and convenient business and tax calculation functions.


  • Dual power source: solar and replaceable battery
  • Tax and Euro conversion functions
  • Large LCD display
  • Smart design, stylish colouring
  • Auto power-off for energy saving

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Improving environmental performance

The LS-80TEG is an 8-digit mini desktop calculator made to improve efficiency and environmental performance. To conserve resources and reduce wastage, the upper case, lower case and battery cover of the calculator are made using 100% recycled Canon Copier material. It's the perfect solution for conscientious individuals and companies with a Green Procurement policy. And it meets the needs of large corporations working to IS0 14001 certification standards for operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Energy efficiency and a longer product life

A dual power source ensures energy efficiency. The calculator uses replaceable batteries for a longer product life - unlike some calculators that have to be disposed of after single battery use. It also runs off solar power for maximum energy saving. The 'auto power-off' function switches the calculator off after 7 minutes when not in use, saving even more energy.

Practical tax and Euro conversion functions

Convenient tax and Euro currency conversion functions make this mini desktop calculator perfect for both office and home use. Determine tax rates at a touch and quickly convert currencies with ease. The LS-80TEG also has all of the standard functions you'd expect from a Canon calculator, to ensure calculating efficiency.

Large LCD display

Despite its compact size, this mini desktop calculator has a large LCD display for clear viewing of characters at a glance. It also has a spacious keyboard and large, comfortable key tops for fast and easy entry of figures.

Smart design, stylish colouring

The space-saving LS-80TEG is designed to fit easily on your desk - or wherever you need it. With its smart grey and gold finish, it brings a touch of style to your surroundings.

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