Healthcare Admin and Compliance

Innovative solutions designed by clinical professionals

Canon can help solve your information lifecycle management and clinical needs, from administration and admissions, to diagnostics and radiology. As healthcare professionals address the challenges of improving the patient experience, while controlling costs and maintaining compliance, Canon solutions and services can increase clerical and clinical workflow efficiency and improve collaboration, bringing better outcomes to everyone.

The benefits of the patient appointment software solution developed by Canon are considerable. The time spent creating each appointment letter has been reduced from 4-5 minutes to just 10-15 seconds – time that can now be spent on our core priority, the patients. We’re also experiencing extra benefits we had not anticipated at the start of the project.

Bent Kongerslev, South Jutland Hospital

Innovative solutions designed by clinical professionals

Patient expectations are being shaped by their experiences in the digital world. They expect prompt responses, more tailored treatment regimes and more flexible options for self-care. At the same time, the need to keep costs down is unchanging, while regulators continue to apply the pressure to comply.

Improvements to workflow processes such as patient record management, privacy protection and admissions, discharge and transfer (ADT), are essential to support change at a strategic level that can address these key challenges. Most importantly, better workflows and higher quality output enable better experiences at the point of care, both for clinicians and patients.

Our solutions and services

Canon solutions and services address key clerical and clinical challenges. They can link together administration processes and front line services more effectively. By optimising your output, we can help you transform the delivery of healthcare, enabling you to focus on your core functions, whether that’s patient care, research, teaching or administration.

Behind the scenes, Canon can help you simplify clerical processes with solutions and services that vastly improve the ease of processing documents, helping the transition to efficient electronic health records. Canon can also provide high performance document and image capture by enabling lifecycle management for clinicians and patients. This is why healthcare organisations across Europe are partnering with Canon.